Better suited for younger kids, this 416 is a half scale size blaster with a lower muzzle velocity so they don't sting too much. The imitation  grenade launcher doubles as a gel storage speed loader. ***Please note, gels included with...
High quality, high discharge BOSLIPO 11.1volt battery for Kriss Vector
Kriss Vector Blackout Kit
Black and orange not your style? Want your Vector more black than black? Then pickup this blackout kit for Kriss Vector blasters.
Kriss Vector Board
Replacement Kriss Vector PCB/MOSFET
Kriss Vector Buffer Tube and Crane Stock
This buffer tube and stock set is designed specifically for the Kriss Vector.  The stock is heavily weighted to solve the problem of the vector being very front heavy and the buffer tube is designed to thread into the sling...
Replacement Kriss Vector gearbox
Kriss Vector Hand Guard
Extended handguard designed to fit the Kriss Vector, Keymod attachment system on the sides and picatinny on the top
Extended magazine for Kriss Vector
Kriss Vector Silencer
This Osprey styled, all metal silencer and outer barrel fits perfectly on the Kriss Vector physically and stylistically!  It features a 16mm inner diameter to make it possibly to hide a hopup inside.
Kriss Vector Stainless Return Spring
Upgraded, high tension return spring for Kriss Vector
Kriss Vector T-Piece
Kriss Vector T-Piece
KRISS VECTOR with 7.4V Battery
Whilst the Vector isn't the newest blaster on the market, it is still one of the top dogs when it comes to backyards and skirmish fields.  It combines angular good looks with great ergonomics and all the features you could...
$240.00 $199.00
Its a Beta C mag... but for your Vector!  If you're not a fan of reloads then grab yourself this double drum and just refil it from a speedloader while its still in the pipe.
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