• MAC 10 (Blaster Review)

    MAC 10 (Blaster Review)

        A 90’s gangster classic, the Mac-10 is a compact automatic sidearm that would appeal to lovers of a classic, light, run and gun style machine pistol. This gel blaster comes with a physical safety switch, a mag prime, suppressor and a nice long magazine that adds functionality to its already efficient and compact build. The Mac-10 Gel Blaster would be a dream...
  • AWM Metal Bolt Rifle (Blaster Review)

    AWM Metal Bolt Rifle (Blaster Review)

      The newest and coolest sniper in town - AWM METAL BOLT RIFLE will get you that winner winner chicken dinner.
  • WELL CQB (M4A1 Blaster Review)

    WELL CQB (M4A1 Blaster Review)

      Close Quarters Battle (CQB) aka Close Quarters Combat (CQC) is a tactical concept that involves a physical confrontation between several combatants. It can take place between military units, police/corrections officers and criminals, and in other similar scenarios. In warfare, it usually consists of small units or teams engaging the enemy with personal weapons at very short range. In the typical close-quarters–combat scenario, the...
  • Well MRT (Blaster Review)

    Well MRT (Blaster Review)

      A classic M4 shape with some style to it the Mid Range Tactical (MRT) continues the Well M4 evolution along a full nylon build including nylon gears, 7.4 volt battery, long alloy barrel flip up and down nylon "iron sights”and a Midwest Industries Inc inspired forend rail finishing off with a nylon flash hider.   Link: https://bit.ly/389HRHD   This new M4 from Well...
  • Plate Carriers/Vests (Review Tuesday)

    Plate Carriers/Vests (Review Tuesday)

      Hey guys and girls! Today we will be taking a look at the range of Plate Carriers & Vests! There are many different styles and colours to suit all situations.. We hope this video helps you decide which is best for you!
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