• Wells V2 (Blaster Review Tuesday)

    Wells V2 (Blaster Review Tuesday)

    This week we take a quick dive into the Wells V2 Gel Blaster. Is it the Bee's Knee's or the Duck's Nut's? We will let you be the judge of that. Tune in for our solid weekly review. Don't forget to leave us a comment or like and head over to our youtube channel to do the same thing.
  • HK UMP45 (M4A1 Review Tuesday)

    HK UMP45 (M4A1 Review Tuesday)

    Tonight we are going over the ever sooooo cool UMP blaster. What we have here people is a longer than usual review due to this being reviewed around the shell and massive range of modifications you can do this. If your a fan of modifications then watch this review because you will want to see Lee's purple beast. Show us some love by clicking...
  • Grenade MR-8 GBR (Review Tuesday)

    Grenade MR-8 GBR (Review Tuesday)

    Whats up everyone, To our knowledge we are THE FIRST to have this. Today we are going over the new Grenade MR-8 GBR. This lil pocket rocket is a beauty and should definitely be part of your gel blaster collections. Watch the video to check out the cool review we did and don't forget to head into one of our stores or head online...
  • !!HK416D Nylon and Metal Gears OUT NOW for PRE-SALES!! Review

    !!HK416D Nylon and Metal Gears OUT NOW for PRE-SALES!! Review

    Whats up everyone, its Lee and Scott here from the Sunshine Coast M4A1 Store and we have been tasked to let you all know that we are now doing pre sales for the AMAZING HK416D Blaster… We have already sold a few as of this video. Yes people are in the store now buying it up. WHOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEE it’s a beauty. Watch the video to...
  • M4A1 Gen 9 (M4A1 Review Tuesdays)

    M4A1 Gen 9 (M4A1 Review Tuesdays)

    M4A1 Gen 9 (M4A1 Review Tuesdays) Whats up everyone... Today we have Lee smashing out a solid review on the M4A1 Gen 9 Blaster. Most of us know it, some of us have it but only a few of us can handle it. Don't forget to subscribe and leave us some feedback. Keep an eye out for our new Pre-Sale Blaster coming up this...
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