• RX AKS-47 Blaster Review

    RX AKS-47 Blaster Review

      The RX factory have built upon the success of their AKM blaster by adding an AKMS to the range. The AKMS comes with a stylish and convinent for travel under-folder stock. Like the AKM the AKMS includes realistic reloading with the need to rack the charging handle between reloads before the blaster will fire, in addition to a recoil function thanks to a...
  • S1897 Shotgun (Blaster Review)

    S1897 Shotgun (Blaster Review)

      WE ARE BACK!!! 🔥🔥🔥 The new House of Lee is set up and bringing back the blaster reviews. Let us know what you think of the new look 😃Todays review we go over the S1897 Shotgun where we talk about the: - Specs- Hands on testing- Accuracy- Score out of 10 We did something a little special this time for our first blaster review back...
  • Gen 12 (Blaster Review)

    Gen 12 (Blaster Review)

     Is this the quickest review that we have ever done??? We will be bringing out a more in depth review in the near future. As of this video we are preparing for the grand opening our new MEGA Store soon in Morayfield QLD. This is a great blaster at first sight and brings a lot of cool things to the gel ball sport.  ...
  • MK18 Pro Gold (Blaster Review)

    MK18 Pro Gold (Blaster Review)

      So what does this mean for a gelblaster I hear you ask??? Well that is where we got the shape for the MK18 Pro Gold the classic shape of a battle tried and tested design but with enough pimped out bling colours to make your blaster match your team or just look binged yet still pack a punch right out of the box...
  • Gen 8 Scout (Blaster Review)

    Gen 8 Scout (Blaster Review)

      M4A1 Style Gen 8 Scout at an amazing price point. If you ever thought about getting into the sport then this is a great choice to start with. Watch our quick overview to find out more.   Link: https://bit.ly/2PnJw5l   Always remember to have fun and always keep safe. Remember that these are only toys.
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