• HE-07 ACR (Blaster Review Tuesday)

    HE-07 ACR (Blaster Review Tuesday)

      Lee and Chris go over the HE-07 ACR. It's a great starting blaster at a great pricepoint! For anyone looking to have a Call of Duty feel in your hands, get yourself the HE-07 ACR!   
  • Rifles (Blaster Review Tuesday)

    Rifles (Blaster Review Tuesday)

      Today we are going to go over the many Rifles we have in stock. We like to say that they are Rifles NOT Sniper Rifles. Hope you enjoy the video guys and we have put links in to the Rifles that we reviewed below: NEW RIFLES JUST IN: SSG69 Steyr Camo: http://tiny.cc/b2lt9y SSG69 Steyr Black: http://tiny.cc/45lt9y ZM02 Bolt Action Rifle Black: http://tiny.cc/87lt9y ZM02...
  • STD CS 009 Pistol (Blaster Review Tuesday)

    STD CS 009 Pistol (Blaster Review Tuesday)

      The STD CS-009 is probably the best performing gel blaster pistol on the market, great rate of fire and a muzzle velocity the same as the higher end mag fed pistols makes it great bang for the buck. The hopper feed system makes it easy to reload and has a great capacity.
  • ACR J10 (Blaster Review Tuesday)

    ACR J10 (Blaster Review Tuesday)

      Today we are going over the new ACR J10 Black. This blaster is a good first blaster for anyone that want to get into Gel Blasters. Check out our review on it and let us know what you think.
  • Gen 8.5 (Blaster Review Tuesday)

    Gen 8.5 (Blaster Review Tuesday)

      The starting point for all enthusiasts who love to modify their blasters. Check out our new review on the updated Gen 8.5 blaster. It is definitely a fun blaster out of the box. As always thow us some likes, comments and shares. Double tap that dislike button. Head on over to our Youtube channel to show us some love their and we will...
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