Deep In Depth UMP Mod Build Part One (House Of Lee)



The House Of Lee is BACK!! Whats up everyone... We have been super busy in the group and now we have something very special to share with everyone wanting to do a deep dive into mod work on their blasters. Today we are sharing a super effective build with the almighty UMP45. Not only does it pack a punch but it also gets you into the competitive stage when playing against other gel ballers. A nice build that anyone can take advantage of. See our links below to check out the items you can use to make yourself a UMP Beast.

UMP45 Shell: GEN 8.5

Gearbox: M90 SHS

Unequal Spring:

Yellow Ausgel Motor:

UMP Silver Wiring Kit:

Green O-Ring:

Return Spring Gen 8:

Nylon Gear Set Gen 8:

Metal Trigger:

There is many other parts we have used in this blaster... Some are universal which means its up to you on looks and style also.

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