• HK UMP45 (M4A1 Review Tuesday)

    HK UMP45 (M4A1 Review Tuesday)

    Tonight we are going over the ever sooooo cool UMP blaster. What we have here people is a longer than usual review due to this being reviewed around the shell and massive range of modifications you can do this. If your a fan of modifications then watch this review because you will want to see Lee's purple beast. Show us some love by clicking...
  • KRISS VECTOR (Review Tuesday)

    KRISS VECTOR (Review Tuesday)

    ...KRISS VECTOR (Review Tuesday)... Whats up everyone. As promised we are here again brining you another review for the review gel blaster Tuesday. Today we have the Kriss Vector both out of the box and modified. Its a sweet, sweet, sweeeeeeet gel blaster to have part of your collection or ready for the fields.
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