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AKM-47 V3 (Metal Gears)

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The AKM-47 is the Gopniks best friend and the bane of Western Spies; perfect for making sure you make it to Babushka's house safe and sound for some Kompot!

The AKM-47 offers the unique feature of blow back action and weighted recoil system that will shake the fillings out of your teeth!

It also runs a Next Gen V3-AK gearbox with nylon casing and its very upgradeable.

This AKM has metal gears, metal outer barrel and a revised nylon sight block. It also comes with an 11.1v battery and balance charger.

If you are looking to purchase an AKM-47 then M4A1gelblaster is the best place!

The V3 version of the AKM comes standard with a nylon gearbox shell, bushings and an upgraded piston rack gear which fix the previous issues the v1 and v2 versions had.

***Please note, gels included with blasters are generally of low quality and can often cause feeding issues, we highly recommend you purchase our high quality red, blue or white gels for the best performance***


  • Solid nylon construction and great heavy weight
  • Recoil system to give the AKM-47 some real kick
  • Realistic faux timber furniture
  • Alloy inner barrel and metal outer barrel
  • Safe, Semi and full auto fire select
  • 240fps and 12rps out of the box

Package Includes:

  • AKM-47 blaster
  • Magazine
  • Solid butt stock
  • 11.1volt STD long battery
  • Balance charger
  • 2000 dehydrated orange gels
  • Glasses
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AKM-47 V3 (Metal Gears)